Free Mini Adult Travel Colouring Book

The impact of the corona virus has our once rushed and busy lives now adjusting to new norms.  I settle into a new routine of homeschooling my kids during the day, playing with them as their day school day ends and fitting all my work in between and during the evenings.  My kids settle into seeing their teachers and friends from their devices and experiencing new ways of learning.

Like most of us around the world, all our social expeditions take place in our home via zoom.  We've managed to have large group catch ups (which would have been impossible to organise in person), quiz nights, birthday parties and cooking lessons all remotely.  

I realised how valued my solo exercise routines were.  However nearly all of them involve my kids and husband now.  What I found space encroaching and frustrating at the beginning have led to some beautiful family time and belly laughs along the way.  We experiment with new things and I've finally got around to trying yoga which has been on my to do list for years.

It's a strange feeling craving your old life of travel and adventure whilst embracing the new one of family time and reflection.   In some respects, our pace of life has slowed down and we've become more aware of our mental health and creating opportunities to do mindful activities together.

That's why we've created a free mini colouring book for you and your families to enjoy.  We spent two hours over the weekend sitting around a table, talking and colouring it in.  We've put the pictures up on our wall to remind us of days to come.

You can download the book, for free, by clicking on the link below.


We'd love to see your works of art, so please do send us your coloured in pictures by tagging us on social media or e-mailing them to us as  Please do share them with your friends and family so they can enjoy it too.

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Take care and stay safe.