10 Amazing Festivals for 2020

Are you planning your 2020 travels?  Many see a festival as life-changing experience leading to the ultimate holiday.  There are enough experiences to fuel the desire for escapism and provide personal enrichment and excitement.  From established cultural events to epic parties the festival circuit paves the way to leave behind your 9-5 and enjoy a variety of things, packed into a few days.

We've detailed our top 10 favourite festivals around the world, with each city offering amazing fun and food too.  See our run down listed in chronological order.

The Pingxi Lantern Festival, Taiwan - 8th February

Experience the majesty of the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival when hundreds of thousands of glowing rice paper lanterns float up into the deep black sky above the small hillside village of Shifen in northern Taiwan.  This festival takes place during the first full moon of the Chinese Lunar New Year.  Although named after the village of Pingxi the majority of the lanterns are released in the picturesque village of Shifen. 

Carnaval Rio Je Janiero, Brazil - 21st to 26th February

Experience the greatest show on Earth when Rio becomes the stage for the largest festival in the world.  Held just before Lent, the Carnaval draws in over two million people to the buzzing streets each day.   Here you will experience wonderful music, amazing costumes and street parties like no other. The Sambódromo, an open-air venue, is where the main Carnaval takes places with flamboyant runway floats and banging beats lifting spirits.   Outside of the Sambódromo the streets come alive with tons of parties and amazing street food huts daily.

Holi, India - 9th to 10th March

The festival of colours, Holi, is one of India's biggest Hindu festivals.  During the celebration, people hit the streets to throw coloured powder and water at each other.    It marks the end of winter, and welcomes Spring and new beginnings.  The spiritual reasoning behind Holi is full of interesting legend and marks the start of new horizons and opportunities.  Stepped in tradition, after the religious celebrations the streets become painted with colour, dance and laughter.

Coachella Indo, California, Untied States - 10th to 19th April

Considered one of the most exclusive music festivals Coachella attracts swarms of people across the globe, including many celebrities to enjoy its bohemian vibe and incredible line ups.  Having evolved from its original Art feel, the festival has become a place for fashion and music lovers.  The location and time of year paves way to sunny skies all day long with beautiful sunsets providing the backdrop for the day's closing artists.  Imagine warm days, filled with brilliant music and a chilled open air arenas.  Ticket's sell out fast so be sure to book early. 

Songkran, Thailand - 13th to 15th April

Often referred to as the biggest water fight in the world, Songkran is Thailand's most famous festival.  In the Buddist calendar, the water festival marks the beginning of the traditional Thai New Year.  Water is central to the celebration, as throwing water over another symbolises the washing away of bad luck from the previous year.  Crowds of people hit the streets with water pistols and buckets, literally throwing it on each other, so be ready to get splashed.  There are also traditional ceremonies held at the time of Songkran to welcome the New Year in.

 Glastonbury South West England, United Kingdom - 24th to 29th June

Glastonbury is the original music festival that has now become a template for festivals the world over.  Hailed as the U.K's biggest with over 90 stages and miles of tented areas, this festival attracts some of the biggest names in music mixed with brilliant contemporary and indie acts too.  Revellers often refer to the event as a thrilling and vibrant cultural melting pot with space to have a wild time in your own way.  Set in the stunning Vale of Avalon, the 900 acre area is steeped in symbolism and mythology dating back hundreds of years.  The event is hugely popular so its important to get your ticket fast once they're released.

La Tomatina Buñol, Spain - 26th August

Held in the Valencian town of Buñol, La Tomatina is a huge tomato fuelled food fight, purely held for entertainment purposes.   Revellers really go for it, so expect to be covered in the red fruit whilst slipping and sliding down the streets.  The festival traces its roots back to the mid 1940s when the first tomato food fight accidentally took place in Buñol.  Over the years the festival has become increasingly popular and those wanting to join now need to purchase a ticket to attend.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta New Mexico, United States - 3rd to 11th October

Said to be the most photographed event on Earth, this festival is the largest hot air ballooning event in the world.  Over the nine days, huge crowds head to New Mexico to see the sky filled with a stunning rainbow of balloons from sunrise. Over 600 specialist trained balloon pilots hit the skies and perform incredible airborne tricks.  The amazing spectacle includes a gas balloon race, balloon competitions and more.  As the events are weather dependent its worthwhile to come for 3-4 days so you have a good opportunity to witness the balloon launch

Oktoberfest Munich, Germany - 19th October 

Oktoberfest is the worlds largest Volkesfest; attracting over 6 million visitors a year.  Held in a meadow just outside Munich revellers can try a variety of beer, whilst enjoying food, dancing, colourful parades and fairground rides.  The original Oktoberfest held in 1810 was in honour of the marriage between Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese.  For five days the townspeople were invited to eat, drink and be merry.  They had such a good time that the town decided to make it an annual celebration. 

Day of the Dead Mexico City, Mexico - 2nd November 

A special holiday throughout Mexico, this annual tradition is to honour deceased family members.   There is a belief that during this time the dead come closer to the living.  There are many intriguing things to do during the festival.  There are the more public parades, concerts and night time boat rides through ancient canals.  There are also more quieter things like walking through the candlelit cemeteries to intimately experience the ancestral tradition.  Day of the Dead is celebrated all over Mexico.  In Mexico City the celebrations combine the old and new traditions.